INDIA DREAMING  India, since 2009


This project deals with the appearance of India, when you turn away from the glittering new glass and steel malls and flyovers – years after the »India shining« campaign of the then ruling BJP.

For many people with lower or no income the new times brought nothing but hardship, hunger and an ever broadening gap between the middle class and the poor. Still I see these people thinking positive, still they tell me about their proud in the new, even if this is not even remotely part of their own life. So this is not a pessimistic view. Sometimes odd to westerners, India is nowhere pessimistic.

Sleeping (I associate dreaming) people – rikshadrivers, streetsweepers, porters, small store owners, migrant workers, travellers.

So far there are two series in the project, one from 2009–2010 and a second, started in 2011. While in the first series I picturized mainly anonymous people and their way of sleeping, in the second I gave the surroundings more space in the composition of the images. The hanging is arranged in groups of three pictures each.